Ice cream and walls in NYC

While scrolling through Instagram in the middle of the night trying to force myself to sleep, I saw someone with ice cream in a fish. Not like a real fish, but like a cone shaped as a fish. Being that I easily get persuaded by anything sweet or pretty, I made it a point to visit the place tagged.

The cone was super soft and my ice cream melted as soon as they served it. Luckily right next door there was a bright green wall for me to snap an instaworthy photo and Pablo's ice cream was still intact. The ice cream wasn't what I expected taste-wise (yeah, I wasn't a fan... maybe it was the flavors we picked?), but it was really pretty to look at!

2017-05-20 15.56.58.jpg
2017-05-20 15.57.55.jpg

Couldn't miss the chance to snap some pics in front of a photogenic wall so the day wasn't wasted.