Thomas Edison National Historical Park

Inventors, are probably the coolest people in the world. Inventors who also happened to be talented entrepreneurs, are even cooler. And well, Inventors with business minds who are also wealthy and opportunistic... those are just the luckiest motherf*ckers.

To be honest, I knew very little about Edison; just the basics most people know and was probably pretty wrong "Edison invented the electric lightbulb". As I started reading more about electricity for work purposes, I learned about the Edison vs Tesla beef and started to dislike Edison for being such an opportunistic assh*le. But wait, my learnings didn't really stop there, since when I become invested in something I dig DEEP (almost like my instastalking at midnight.)

In any event, I kept reading on both Tesla and Edison. The more I read, the more I realized I was slightly wrong. You see, Edison was self-taught, like no school, college or anything. He became an inventor out of his own will and passion for creating and was smart enough to patten every single idea he thought was worth owning. Edison would learn things by tediously testing ideas and theories. He would become obsessed with creating machines and was always searching for the right market to sell them in. He even taught himself botany to learn how to create rubber. In which case, dude... you are a little cool after all. Edison was incredibly strategic and would test things, draft them and study them before fully creating something. Tesla could invent something and solve everything in his mind without making anything, but he wasn't always successful once he developed an idea physically. Tesla was an incredible genius but Edison was a smart entrepenour.

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Not so long, a friend got engaged. As most couples, they had professional engagement photos taken. Well, those two had her photos taken at the Thomas Edison National Historical Park (a place I didn't even know existed close by) and they looked f*cking amazing and put it on my "must visit" list. Well, we finally made time to explore this gem!  

 How creepy is this? Edison had a bed in his library. But also, #goals

How creepy is this? Edison had a bed in his library. But also, #goals

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At first, I was fascinated by all the machinery, tools and workspaces... I had no idea what Edison used most of those tools for but they were still impressive to look at. Then I got distracted by the signs, prints and typography around the area because well, #designer.


... then started noticing patterns.


Finally ended in one of his labs, and labs are just cool asf because the tiny bottles most likely have love potions... right?