Oh wall, where are thou?

If you follow my instagram, you know that during the past couple of years, I've annoyed a good amount of my favorite people to look for photogenic spots and beautiful murals with me. If you are having a bad day, I suggest you do the same... Some people roll their eyes at me, others may use it as an opportunity to seek those same spots for a photo opp.

As you can tell from my work, I love colorful things and patterns. The spaces I seek are just one more source of inspiration. There is tons of studies about behavior and color. Many scientists believe that color is a powerful tool to control feelings and mood. While I am no scientist, I can personally attest that color influences my mood and the ways other perceive me, which is a great thing to know as a Designer or creative. 

sleepnomore (1).jpg
2016-07-19 14.03.40.jpg
2015-11-29 21.22.21.jpg

But why though? Because it's fun. I get to hunt for these walls everywhere I go; it's like being a kid again. Who doesn't love that feeling?