Quick wedding in Costa Rica

Quick wedding in Costa Rica

Last minute plans are literally my thing. I can never make up my mind (like a good Libra) until I have zero minutes to decide. Well, about a month ago, my brother-in-law decided to get married the weekend after Christmas. Since it was so last minute in C O S T A  R I C A, we said "mmm we can't come, cause hello it will be expensive asf."
Well, we were feeling remorseful since it was THE wedding. They had dated since high school and they were now in their 40s... so it was a pretty big deal. We did have some miles we could use, so the week before the wedding we said fuck it and we bought the tickets to Pura Vida Costa Rica.

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2015-12-26 08.06.43 HDR-1.jpg

Since it was a Garden Wedding, the bride asked everyone to wear white. Of course there were some a**holes who chose not to, but the scenery look beautiful regardless <3


Costa Rica is literally the country to relax, it has a lot of GREEN and it really is peaceful. It was the best Christmas retreat ever. 

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