Denyse Mitterhofer
Denyse Mitterhofer

Character Illustration & Animation
Creative Director: Sarah Hartley
Role: Illustrator & Animator

The opportunity came up to work with along the fabulous new Creative Director, Sarah Hartley, on an activation for their new"surprise boxes". One regular and one luxe.
Sarah wanted me to create two characters "Oliver and Olivia", as well as some simple expressions of surprise. I loved the idea and simply couldn't resist.

Meet Oliver and Olivia. They are adorable, right?
(I know, I'm biased)

The characters were supposed to be quirky and cool and depending on which box they were holding their outfits would slightly change.
The characters would be used on the website as well as social media to promote this activation.

Hope everyone loves them as much as I loved making them! 
I also added as a bonus, lettering treatment of their names, which they ended up using!


Go check it out live!

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 6.57.40 PM.png

Their playful instagram story

2017-07-25 19.24.58.png
2017-07-25 19.24.47.png
2017-07-25 19.25.01.png