24 hours in Washington DC

Three hours and a half of driving, to spend the day in Washington DC. It was the middle of winter and probably the coldest day ever. The night before we had decided we were going to drive to DC and spend the day there. That's it, that was the plan. Well guys, it was COLD ASF, but we had fun! (Until it was my turn to drive back at 11PM that is heh.)

2016-02-12 15.01.51 HDR.jpg

The Adams Morgan district was super colorful and hip. We stopped to eat at this Peruvian Restaurant and then headed to see if we could meet Mr. and Mrs. Obama at The White House. (They were too busy for us. No worries, we get it.)

2016-02-12 14.27.53.jpg
2016-02-12 14.41.22.jpg
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2016-02-12 16.35.18.jpg
Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 9.54.34 PM.png

After 5 hours of freezing my ass. We looked for a place with live music and a powerful heater.  

DC All Star Cuban band.

DC All Star Cuban band.


Then I was slapping my face all the way back so that I wouldn't fall asleep while driving. No worries, we made it.