El Chullo de Vicky

El Chullo de Vicky is a project I started back in the summer of 2015. From a constant doodle of this cute Peruvian girl wearing a chullo with her two braids, it evolved to so many more things. You see, I’m definitely a visual learner but I learn a lot faster by doing. Every year I have added something new to this project. First a paper toy, trying to figure out how to shape certain parts of her in order to make her 3D and able to stand. Then with the felt toy and stabbed myself with the needle a million times (the first toy, def has my blood in it.) and trying to figure out how to make sure how to fit the stuffing to the tiniest corner. Then an animated character, where I learned to do a walking cycle and animated a few frame by frame expressions.
I love Vicky! She is my very first character to have so many layers to her, and I can’t wait to add more to this project. Stay tuned!

estampillas copy.jpg