Barcelona, Mas que una ciutat!

Barcelona, Mas que una ciutat!

We stayed in the Gothic Quarter, walking distance to everything and anything, specially local markets… which I LOVE. Brace yourself, we ate a lot of delicious food.

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A friend highly recommended La Paradeta for the best and freshest seafood. And IT WAS. They sold everything by pound, either grilled or deep fried. They opened at 8PM and the wait started around 7PM to get in. When you walked in, you had all the seafood in front of you and you picked how much you wanted to eat per election. Everything was so delicious so the approximately two hour wait was SO WORTH IT and I would totally wait again (and order double).

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We were 15 minutes by foot from La Barceloneta, so the first morning there we woke up at 6am headed there to have some coffee and then headed to the Sant Sebastià Beach. It was so relaxing, I fell asleep for half hour on the sand.

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We couldn’t miss the works of Antoni Gaudí, so we spent the day looking at his masterpieces.

Casa Batlló

Casa Batlló

It looks so pretty with the sun reflecting on it

It looks so pretty with the sun reflecting on it

Casa Milà

Casa Milà

After hours of walking, we stopped at a nearby restaurant to recuperate our energy… by eating more seafood.


As big Messi fans, we had to go to Camp Nou, home stadium to Barcelona FC. Little did I know that it also had a mall of 3 floors worth of merchandise that we had to go through.


We didn’t want to go super crazy on this trip and just wanted to concentrate in thoroughly walking around Barcelona and everything it had to offer. But we had heard that a 40min train ride away was Sitges, the most colorful town with the most beautiful and calm beach. So we went to check it out!

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Barcelona was so beautiful. The people were super warm and friendly, the vibes were chill and fun, and well the food… THE FOOD MADE THE TRIP SOLID GOLD.