Costa Rica, Pura Vida

Costa Rica, Pura Vida

Growing up with a lot of people from Costa Rica in the US, I’ve been lucky to have traveled to Costa Rica so many times. I’ve been to the rural area of it, driving pass acres and acres of pineapple fields. I’ve been to the beach area where the vibes are so chill I’ve forgotten I was only there on vacation. I’ve been to the bustling city where you sit in traffic hours to get to a mall. I love Costa Rica, if you ever need to relax, this is where you want to go. The people are absolutely the friendliest and most caring. They don’t take themselves seriously, laughing at pretty much any problem they might encounter in life making them the most laid back people I’ve ever met: Pura Vida.
What better way to spend the last days of the year being super chill and trying to not worry like a true Costa Rican? The best way to start this trip, was by getting some Gallo Pinto.


We went hiking through the Poas Volcano National Park. After miles and miles of walking to get the best view of the volcano, we found a set of tiny stairs that seemed somewhat closed off… so we took them. (Because we were all in PURA VIDA! mode)


The “forbidden” path took us right to the skirt of the volcano… where there was dry lava everywhere. We had the best view.


Sarchi is known for its beautiful woodwork and colorful painting technique on La Carreta Tica (Costa Rican Wagon).

My darling cousin and her hubs, happen to live in Sarchi

My darling cousin and her hubs, happen to live in Sarchi

The rest of the days were spent at the beach, bringing in the New Year super tanned and full of live.


We said goodbye to 2017 in Naranjo, at the highest point and with a new perspective. Watching the fireworks from above.