The Creations

Fascinated by color and enchanting worlds, designing patterns has become my way to embellish my surroundings. Beautiful color palettes, imaginary animals, intricate plants and ambiguous shapes are some the main protagonists of my work. Through my creations, I like to provoke happiness and curiosity. Hope you like what you see.


The Maker

A South American native, I was born in Perú and along with my parents, immigrated to the US in the 90s. As an only child, I got used to making up stories & drawing to entertain myself. Feel free to call me an Illustrator, Designer, Art Director, Photographer or Maker, at one point in my life I have been all of the above. I love to create, so titles are not as important to me.

My work tends to be a bit whimsical and when possible I like to add some sense of humor as well. Whether through color, motion or words, I like to make other's feel happy. I'm not interested in realism or perfectionism; the world is nothing but a ball of imperfections and beautiful chaos... so that's my way too.

I've graduated twice and hold two completely different degrees: Paralegal Studies and Graphic Design. Huh? Yeap. Buy me coffee, I'll tell you the story.

When I am not glued to my computer, I love to travel, find new places to eat (sweets), hunt for photogenic walls, binge watch on crime shows, attend creative events or read whatever. Oh, and I also make GIFs because they are fun asf.

Follow me on instagram and watch my stories to stalk accordingly, I'll make sure to stalk back!

Cephalo Flower iPhone Case @Fab.com

Cephalo Flower iPhone Case @Fab.com

Me Gustas Mucho iPhone Case @Fab.com

Me Gustas Mucho iPhone Case @Fab.com

Straw Bees iPhone Case @Fab.com

Straw Bees iPhone Case @Fab.com



Over the past four to five years, I have developed thousands of patterns. I self-published a book called "The Pattern Book, Volume Uno", with approx 200 of them. I continue to evolve and experiment when creating patterns every day. Currently working towards Volume Dos of my book as well as some other product development. Are you interested in working with me on a project? Feel free to send me an email.